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The Tom Hobbs Company

The TOM HOBBS CO. is a Texas corporation doing business in the Austin area since 1994. The company is owned and managed by Tom and Barbara Hobbs. The TOM HOBBS CO. is in the business of building high quality state of the art custom homes. Tom received two college degrees from the University of California and received his MBA from St. Edwards University. The TOM HOBBS CO. is a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Home Building Association of Greater Austin (HBAGA), the Austin Energy Green Building Program and an Energy Star Partner. Tom has also been recognized and certified by NAHB as a Graduate Master Builder (GMB) and a Certified Green Professional (CGP). Tom and Barbara Hobbs have over 35 years experience in building homes and providing residential building services in Austin and prior to Austin in the Southern California area.

The Tom Hobbs CO. Commitment to
State of the Art Building

The buzz word today is "Green Building". We like to think of it as smart building. Home building science, like computers and medicine, is advancing exponentially after years of modest progress. Part of this is driven by the demand for cost savings in energy, and water due to shortages fossil fuels and drought and in part by the demand for a healthier home and environment. We think responding to these needs makes sense.

Home building using green materials and techniques do less harm to the environment, and create a safer, more comfortable home that is cheaper to maintain and operate. Green building is no longer viewed as a passing fad or some strange notion by militant environmentalists on the fringe of society. Green homes provide buyers with better value; lower utility costs, lower maintenance, better indoor air quality and better long term value all the while preserving valuable resources for future generations.

Tom and Barbara's
Personal Statement and Commitment

Twenty years ago, after a successful career as the Vice President in charge of construction for a major homebuilding company in Southern California, we decided to look elsewhere for a safe and secure place to continue raising our family and start our own homebuilding company. We looked at all the western states for a place where people were friendly, cared about the children, motivated to succeed, well educated, and excited about the future. The Austin area was and is the perfect place.

We have truly enjoyed raising our family here in Austin and never fail to tell friends and relatives how lucky we feel. After over 30 years of marriage we are the proud parents of four married children, two Texas A&M graduates, and the grandparents of five beautiful grandchildren.

No day goes by without Tom visiting his job sites checking quality or production or other builder job sites to be certain no other builder is using better materials or found a better way to meet the clients needs. Barbara never sits down without a magazine or news article featuring the latest in architecture and interior design. We live and breathe housing, the way others do cooking, golf, reading, traveling etc. It is truly our passion for which we have always felt blessed.

The following are some the principals for success we have tried to instill in our children and those we have been associated with over the years.


  • Have fun and enjoy work.
  • Always put the client first.
  • Make quality a part of everything you do.
  • Share knowledge with others.
  • Work as a team. Make decisions; don't refer them.
  • Take ownership and resolve problems.
  • Strive to always do your best and to learn from your mistakes without fear of recrimination.
  • Continue to seek education.
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